Wednesday, November 19, 2008

So, this is a post not about space specifically, but about popularizing science (which is another secret passion of mine - along with Fritos corn chips and the TV show Fringe - not in that order). I think it's fantastic that more people, both in academia and media, are talking about science in new ways that are tailored specifically for the new YouTube era.  From more weighty endeavors such as the Apple iTunesU (free online videos from university professors) and ScienceDebate2008 (harnessing the election obsession to shine the spotlight on how important science is to our country and our lives), to short science-oriented videos such as Slate's Grand Unified Weekly (a weekly update on cool science news, with flashy graphics), people are really getting energized about putting science front-and-center.  I personally think the obvious difference between the two presidential candidates on important science topics (even if they weren't pitched as science topics) made a big impact on the election, and I hope we can keep ratcheting up the exposure.  The more people realize how science makes life better, the more support science will receive.


Fake Nick Denton said...
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